Concerts In Great Falls, Montana

I have been seeing and hearing things lately about concerts in Great Falls and it has me wanting to share some things with you.

Being in radio, we are privy to some concert things before the general public.  One of those "concert things" is booking bands.  Here's what you should know:

  • Great Falls is not a "destination" for most bands.  Great Falls is a drive-by town.  A lot of times when a band is booked to play here, it's in between gigs in cities like Minneapolis and Seattle. That's why a ton of our concerts are mid week.
  • Certain bands can only be booked into certain venues.  The reasons are endless, but 2 of the most important are acoustics and how many people the venue holds.
  • Ticket Price is directly related to the artist booked.  I don't think the general public knows just how expensive bands are.

Recently, People Were Mad Because John Fogerty Cancelled His Appearance In Great Falls

I saw the outrage on social media.  It's ok to be upset, but there is something to consider here

  • John Fogerty is 78 years old. He cancelled so he could rest up for another gig. Like I said, Great Falls is a drive-by town for bands and the guy is actually old enough to be considered elderly.

This is not the fault of anyone.  Great Falls had a chance to bring in George Thorogood and John Fogerty and they jumped at it.  I can't stress enough the age of these artists.

PET FRIENDLY Airbnbs in Great Falls less than $100 a night

You Want A Super Big Band At The Fair?

Let's say Blink 182 were to play the fair.  It costs generally about a million to a million five to get them to even consider your town.  With what the Pacific Steel and Recycling Arena can hold, that would run around $100-$200 a ticket at a minimum. (And my gut tells me that's a low number.) Fair concerts are generally no more than $40-$50.

Think about it.


It's Ok To Complain

On the other side of the coin, I'm tired of people saying, this band is "world class" that has one original member or what not.

It is ok for people to complain about that.

Generally people sticking up for bands where all but one member of the band is gone are in bands themselves.  DO NOT feel bad for not considering that it's not where you will spend your hard-earned money.


Then walk the talk with your wallet when someone does take a chance on a big money band in Great Falls.

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Great Falls Is Lucky

There are still people at the fair and at the Newberry willing to book concerts for us, despite all the mean things that are said EVERY TIME.

I didn't hear a bunch of praise for Rodney Atkins being booked for a FREE concert for everyone in North Central Montana on the 4th of July.

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