In December, Pierce Brosnan allegedly entered protected thermal areas of Yellowstone Park.

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As reported by People Magazine in December:

A docket filed in the U.S District Court in Wyoming says, Brosnan was cited for traveling by foot in all thermal areas and w/in Yellowstone Canyon confined to trails, and violating closures and use limits.  Both petty offenses.

From TMZ, the actor pled not guilty on January 4th, and requested to cancel his initial appearance and reschedule for February 20th via video.  The judge granted his request.

TMZ reports that Brosnan had posted pictures of himself in the restricted places of the park near Mammoth Hot Springs, then deleted them.  Of course, I couldn't find the photos for the story.
Getty Images//Canva
Getty Images//Canva

Brosnan Was In Wyoming Filming

Brosnan along with Samuel L. Jackson, Brandon Lessard and Ethan Peck were in Wyoming filming a movie called The Unholy Trinity, in October.

Tourists Are Injured Or Killed In Yellowstone All The Time

Even though the park vigorously posts warning throughout Yellowstone Park, people seem to think that the danger won't touch them. On Twitter, there's a page called Tourons of Yellowstone.  They point out these risk takers from around the world on a regular basis.  It seems no matter how many people are gored by a Bison or charged and stomped by an Elk, there's always another touron in line.  I can think of two tourists in the last 10 years or so that the park thinks were dissolved in the hot waters of the park.

As this story progresses, we'll keep you updated.

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