Dear DoorDash,

Ever had a really long day at work, then even a longer night handling home business, and somehow, it's nearly 9pm and you haven't even STARTED supper? That happened to me last night.

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Naturally, I Ordered Up Some DoorDash

I was starving, and live in an "ingredient house" not a "snack or pre-made food" house.  I do have complete dinners I made in the freezer, but getting one of those on the table properly would have taken longer than to Dash some of The Bell.


Then, I Start Watching The Progress Of The DoorDash Order

So, at first, it says your order should arrive between 8:53-9pm.  Then, at 8:53 it said between 9pm and 9:12pm.  At 9:12 pm it said between 9:12pm and 9:30pm and so on.  All this time, it says "The Dasher is at the store waiting for your order". (Of course, these are approximate times, I can't remember the exact window of time they used.)

By around 9:35, I started thinking that I was never ever getting my Taco Bell, and I should cancel my order.

Hungry lady checking her waTCH WHILE WAITING FOR DELIVERY

DoorDash Refused To Let Me Cancel My Order

For 20 minutes or so, I had to deal with a computer telling me that if they cancelled the order now I couldn't be refunded because the Dasher was there and Taco Bell was making the order.  Finally, I somehow got a hold of what I'm ASSUMING was a person.  It took about one minute for the guy on the other end of the text to say, "Your order seems to be delayed, would you like to cancel it?" Dude, obviously.  It's closing in on 10pm and I don't want to pay for phantom food.

Then the DoorDash text guy says, would you like to make another order?  LMFAO Dude, I'm actually hungry and I'd like some food today.

Good News Is, Dominoes Had My Pizza There Quick As Can Be

And, it was delicious.  I'll be dining on the other half for supper tonight.

Happy girl opening a pizza box

There Is No Doubt This Was A DoorDash Issue Not Taco Bell

Just to clear that up in case you work at the Taco Bell on 10th.  I don't blame you for my extreme hunger.  I totally blame Door Dash for dragging it on and being dishonest about having dashers.

Stop that, Door Dash.  No, really.  Stop it.

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