We need to talk about Montana and what we're letting happen here.

We All Live Under The Same Big Sky

The Montana I know, the Montana I've lived in my entire life, the Montana I raised my kids in, we don't give a rats patootie what you do, who you vote for, what goes on in the privacy of your own home.  That's the beauty of this state.

street signs that say agree and disagree

Since When Do We Have To Agree On Everything?

This arguing in store aisles, on line or whatever just has to stop.  The beauty of Montana and America is the diversity of thought and of citizens.

Jumping all over someone because of their belief system is just as bad as them jumping all over you for yours.  Nobody SHOULD care what religion you are.  Nobody SHOULD care if you get an abortion.  Nobody SHOULD care what you do in your bedroom. Nobody SHOULD care how you recreate.  I could go on and on.

What We Should All Agree On?

Keeping Montana the state we know and love.  Keeping Montana a state where the people in Helena don't decide what books we can read, who you can date and whether or not you want to start a family, whether you drink or smoke pot or whatever.  These are all personal decisions that have absolutely nothing to do with your neighbors no matter how much you argue about it.  We need to get back to that Montana.

A Lot Of Our Current Problems Are Because We're Too Bogged Down With This Busy Body Mentality

Maybe if we put as much attention into the quality of the people we're electing instead of what party they're in, we wouldn't be over run by out of staters.

Maybe if we didn't elect a billionaire governor and millionaire senators and congressmen they'd know more about being an every day Montanan, and it wouldn't be so easy for countries like Dubai to buy up prime land at an inflated price for the elite.

When the elite are your leaders, how could they find fault in their people making our state their vacation home?

laughing emoji pointing at a politicians at work sign

Maybe if we took the same care to send people to Helena that decide things that are important for the state instead of grandstanding and doing things like BANNINNG TIKTOK (could they BE more embarrassing?) we would have had better laws put in place for average Montanans, and less lawsuits for us to pay for.

I am totally floored and embarrassed by what went on in Helena last year with people we helped put in office.

A Better Montana Starts With The Right Leaders

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Now is our chance.  It's a big election year for Montana with a senate seat up for grabs.  Let's make good decisions for our state.

When you think, "______ Party and nothing/nobody else", ask yourself what the political party has done for you and your family. Directly.  Have they ever done anything but beg you for money?

Get registered to vote and research the candidates.  This BS has to stop, and we can do it this year.

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