It's hard for me to believe that in today's landscape that this scenario actually happened to my daughter, but it did.  It happened right here in Great Falls in 2023.  Not 1953 or 1983.  It happened in 2023.

A Brief Background Before The Story

My daughter has a rental in Great Falls.  They've lived there for just about a year.  It's a great house with a lot of room, a yard, a carport and they allow pets.  The landlord seems pretty great as well, attentive when needed and not overbearing.  A pretty sweet find in today's rental climate.

The Plumbing Goes Wonky

A week or so ago, their plumbing backed up.  And I mean THE PLUMBING.  It wasn't just a sink or just a toilet.  Sewer water was coming up from EVERY drain in the house.

The landlord was on it immediately.  He put my daughter and her boyfriend up in a hotel for a couple of days and got some guys to come take a look at it.  While they were hotel bound, the workers made their home semi-livable and they came back, but there's still A LOT that needs to be done.

Taylor Giecek//Canva
Taylor Giecek//Canva

Here's What Went Down

A guy from the repair company came over to do some measuring and get things ready for the big fix.  This will probably entail the deck in the back yard being removed and several other major disruptions to the backyard and home.

While he was measuring, my daughter asked some questions.  Questions like, "Do you know how long this will take?" , "Do you want me to move everything off the deck tonight?", "When will you guys start working again?", and the like.

After some questions, this guy just loses it and starts calling her a stupid b***h.  He just kept going on and on saying things like, "Why do you f*****g b*****s have so many f*****g questions!"  This went on for over 5 minutes, all while violently slamming his tape measure and other tools against the cement while he was on his tirade.  When he left he said something to the effect, "You have a good night, b***h!"


Really, Guy?

Dude.  This is beyond going overboard.  This is beyond getting irritated with questions.  This kind of behavior proves misogyny.  It proves that you can't be trusted.  It SCREAMS, (like you did at my daughter) that you should be fired.  It doesn't make you look like a big, powerful man.  It makes you look weak and afraid of women.  I have to wonder if you would have done it at all if her boyfriend would have asked the same questions, or if you would have just said, "I don't know the answer." when the question was asked by a man.

Wonder how work went for you today considering my daughter had a witness on the phone (that could even hear your tools hitting the concrete.) and the landlord wasn't having you treat a tenant that way?

Phrases That Incite Anger

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