With the war against Israel, it's emboldening racists around the world.  Just this past weekend in Missoula, we had a visit from an out-of-state Nazi to protest the synagogue in Missoula.


This is what I could piece together from The MissoulianMissoula Current and WTF406: The protest was outside the Chabad Jewish Center in Missoula on Saturday, October 21, 2023.  From The Missoula Current:

Clad in sunglasses and bandanas to hide their faces, a small group of white supremacists and Neo Nazis gathered outside Har Shalom on South Brooks, carrying signs reading “Diversity = White Genocide” and “Refugees Not Welcome.”


This is another X post highlighting the Nazi protest:



WTF406 and Missoula Current both state the protest started near the synagogue, and later moved down to the area around the courthouse.  Missoula police stated the protest was peaceful for a time, then one white supremist group member


demonstrated what the Missoula Police Department described as “a concerning escalation in the behavior."

The individual's words and actions were deemed to have crossed the line from protected freedom of speech to potentially constituting disorderly conduct.  After multiple verbal warnings from the lieutenant, the male did not comply.

One of the Nazi protestors has been identified as Larkin McIntyre of Washington State.  The Nazi from Washington, was booked and has since been released. From The Missoulian:

Larkin M. McIntyre, 46, a protester from Washington state in the white supremacist group, was cited with disorderly conduct. Court filings allege McIntyre made several racist slurs toward a group of Native American individuals at the courthouse rally. His language caused them great distress, and they tried to fight McIntyre, the document stated. The incident happened just before 12 p.m.

At around the same time, there was a protest separate from the Nazi protest to free Palestine.  When members of the group were asked if they suffered any attempted intimidation by the Nazi group, the group said they were, but they were clearly not the targets of the Nazi protest.

Those who witnessed the protest at Har Shalom told The Missoulian that

they believed the white supremacists were members of an "Active Club," described by the Anti-Defamation League website as a “nationwide network of localized white supremacist crews.”


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