Montana has beauty everywhere you look.  Sometimes, a drive can be the best reminder of how gorgeous this state is.  At other times, a travel article can remind you of some towns we have with incredible views.

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Here are ten Montana towns surrounded by glorious scenery according to Only in Your State.

Ten Montana Towns With Beautiful Scenery:

10.  Stevensville, Montana

St. Mary's Mission, Stevensville Montana
Google Maps//Canva
  • Montana's first settlement
  • 2020 Census says population is at 2002

Read on to learn about Montana's oldest town

9.  Lewistown, Montana

Lewistown, Montana
Google Maps//Canva
  • Geographic Center of Montana
  • 2020 Census logged 5,952 residents

Read about Lewistown:

Geographic Center of Montana

Lewistown Labyrinth

8.  Choteau, Montana

Teton County Courthouse, Choteau, Montana
Google Maps//Canva
  • Home of the Old North Trail and Old Trail Dinosaur Museum
  • 2020 Census shows a population of 1,721

Learn more about Choteau, Montana's Hidden Gem

7.  Anaconda, Montana

Park in Anaconda, Montana
Google Maps
  • Founded by Copper King, Marcus Daly
  • In the 2020 Census, the population was 9,421

Read more about Anaconda and it's rich mining history

6.  Big Sky, Montana

Big Sky Montana
Google Maps
  • Two large ski resorts in the towns area, Moonlight Basin and Big Sky Resort
  • 2010 Census had the population at 2,308

5.  Fort Benton, Montana

Main Street, Fort Benton Montana featuring the Grand Union Hotel
Tammie Toren
  • Known as the birthplace of Montana
  • 2020 Census has the population at 1,449

Take a walk through Fort Benton here

4.  Whitefish, Montana

Whitefish City Hall, Whitefish, Montana
Google Maps//Canva
  • Less than 45 minutes from Big Mountain and world-class skiing
  • The 2020 Census had 7,751 people calling Whitefish home

Read more: Whitefish one of the safest towns in America

Whitefish is pretty romantic.  Start to plan your get-a-way here

3.  Bozeman, Montana

Museum of the Rockies, Bozeman, Montana
Google Maps
  • Fastest growing town in Montana, one of the fastest growing in America
  • The population in the 2020 Census is 53,293

Will Bozeman ban Airbnbs?  Read more here

2.  Darby, Montana

Darby Montana sign
Google Maps
  • Actual home of the "Yellowstone Ranch", Chief Joseph Ranch
  • The 2020 Census has the population at 783

Want to check out the beauty of Darby?  You may want to book this awesome Airbnb

1.  Troy, Montana

Troy Highschool Troy, Montana
Google Maps
  • Lowest point in Montana
  • As of the 2020 Census the population was 797

How low does Troy go?  Read more on the lowest point in Montana

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