If you were to meet someone in the EXACT center of Montana, the geographical center, where would that be?

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The Answer Is A Little Tricky

For decades, everyone has believed it to be at Lewistown's Yogo Inn.

However, there are some that say it is 11 miles West of Lewistown at Longitude: 109° 38.3'W, Latitude: 41° 1.9'N.

Yogo Inn's Claim To Fame As The Center

From Waymarking:

The Yogo Inn's claim rests on the discovery during renovations of the inn in 1983 of an old document dated 1912 which declares Lewiston as the center of Montana. The Centermark is in the tile floor surrounding the inn's indoor pool.

Among the artifacts found was a parchment document written by “W.S.”, an amateur history buff, draftsman and surveyor. An insignia in the lower right hand corner of this document includes a map of Montana and printed on the circle around it is “Montana’s Center – 1912, Lewistown.

The building was originally used for the Lewistown Milwaukee Railroad Train Depot.  The Building was sold to the Community Hotel Company in 1960, and they converted the building into a 60 room hotel.  Over the years, the Yogo Inn has gradually transformed into the hotel and convention center that calls Lewistown home.

TOSHEA, lumbicus/ Yogo Inn via Waymarking
TOSHEA, lumbicus/ Yogo Inn via Waymarking

Lewistown Is Nicely Situated In The Center Of Montana

Whether or not the actual center of Montana is at the Yogo Inn or 11 miles west of Lewistown, a visit there will put you right in the center of Montana.

Lewistown to Great Falls: 105 miles, or just under a couple of hours.

Lewistown to Billings:  126 miles or just over 2 hours.

What Are Some Of The Highlights Of A Visit To Lewistown:

  • Pioneer Power Days, held in June
  • Central Montana Fair and Central Montana RAM Pro Rodeo, last week of July
  • Chokecherry Festival, First Saturday after Labor Day
  • Trails and Ales, September
  • Charlie Russell Chew Choo/North Pole Adventure, year round

For all the details on events in Lewistown, check out Enjoy Lewistown.

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