Who would interrupt a school recess? Not who, but what.

Imagine you are at school, playing at recess. All the sudden you smell something and everything starts getting strange and your eyes start to hurt. Then you were frantically rushed back into the school and get medical attention.


It happened this week in Boulder, Montana while the Montana Highway Patrol was conducting training exercises that resulted in some third and forth grade students being effected by tear gas and pepper spray being wafted into a playground. It isn't something that happened on purpose obviously, but it happened.

The Incident.

According to reports, there were a few loud bangs that were heard followed by complaints of eye pain and difficulty breathing. Reports indicated that the kids were rushed back inside.

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After School administration made some calls, they realized the Montana Highway Patrol was conducting a drill behind the local high school and forgot to notify the elementary school of their goings on.

Luckily, school nurses were on sight and had the kids wipe their faces, blowing noses, as well as a drink of milk to ease throat irritation. Students did not need any further medical attention.

Principal Doug Richards commented to the Independent Record saying that the Montana Highway Patrol Sargent in charge of training was both quote "appalled and very apologetic" and vowed to remember to notify everyone the next time these exercises are conducted.

He continued:

It was just one of those very bizarre things that you don't expect to happen but it did.

As of this report, Montana Highway Patrol has yet to comment on the incident.

In 2021, the Montana Highway Patrol relocated their training center from Helena to Boulder, Montana.

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