Of Course WD-40 flies off the shelf, IT"S WD-40!

In Montana, a can of WD-40 is just as common of an item you are able to find as, lets say, a water bottle. It's in the garage, the kitchen, the bathroom, probably in you hand right this very second. You can buy it at the hardware store, the grocery store, as well as the parts store.


It has a thousand uses that I can think of and now, it's a thousand and 1.

Recently I wrote an article on how there are new methods of carving a pumpkin that help with cleaning it out as well as increasing the longevity of you spooky Jack-o-Lantern by carving the access hole from the bottom.

Now according to the internet, there's a "next level pumpkin carving" hack that also aids in making your Jack-o-Lantern last past Halloween. This comes straight from the WD-40 website to help with pumpkins.

Pro-Tip: After you’re done carving, spray your pumpkin with a light coating of WD-40® Multi-Use Product. Not only does it grant extra shine, but the coating will help the pumpkin last a bit longer and delay the onset of decay. Be sure not to spray near a lit candle and wipe away any excess liquid with a cloth or rag.

Who would've known that WD-40 can be used for something other than getting that rusted bold off of the old lawn mower or that bike you haven't used since 1998.

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