Water Bottles As Status Symbols In Montana?

I remember around 4-5 years back, I was so excited to get my first Yeti cup.  With all the hype, I thought it was going to be a revelation in water bottles/coffee cups.  Eh, not so much.  I was thoroughly unimpressed with Yeti cups.

water bottle as status symbols graphs

So Then What To Buy?

Then I went round and round with water bottles and landed on Iron Flask.  It's a brand that was highly rated on Amazon, so I tried it and loved them.  I now own 3.  They're in the $20-$25 range and go on sale a lot.  Iron Flask really does the job with keeping my fizzy water cold and fresh for up to around 36 hours.  For the price, that's amazing.

I Had No Idea That Iron Flask Was A Thing

Just today, I learned that Iron Flask is one of the "status symbol" water bottles.  (How ridiculous are we becoming as a society?) Not really high on the list like Stanley or Yeti but it's there. Below is Jason Laird's Stanley water bottle and my Iron Flask water bottle.

A stanley cup and an iron flask water bottle
Tammie Toren//Canva

What's The Most Popular Water Bottle In Montana?

The same as in Alaska.  Turns out, according to Digg, Montanans and Alaskans like the brand Nalgene.  I've never had one because they're not insulated, but Nick Northern says they are wicked good water bottles.

All the states in america and what kind of water bottle sells the most in that state

Can I Just Ask, Why A Stanley Cup?

The handles are awkward and they are really heavy for a water bottle.  I stick my water bottle in my purse on my way to work, and that Stanley would be awkward with the handle AND it would be like carrying around a freaking baby!

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