The Great Falls Animal Shelter partnered with the Bissell Pet Foundation for the "Empty The Shelters" event this fall, from October 1st to October 14th.

This initiative seeks to combat the widespread issue of pet overcrowding in shelters nationwide by promoting pet adoption.

Bissell Pet Foundation's"Empty The Shelters" event is renowned as the largest funded adoption event in the United States.

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Since its inception in 2016, it has helped over 190,000 pets find loving forever homes.

With 687 animal welfare organizations participating across 49 states and Canada,"Empty The Shelters" symbolizes hope for shelter pets.

These quarterly national events see an average of 1,225 shelter pets adopted daily, underscoring community support's significant impact.

Now, the Great Falls Animal Shelter is joining this important cause.

Cathy Bissell, the founder of Bissell Pet Foundation, notes,

"Our nation's animal shelters are facing an overcrowding crisis like we haven't seen in over a decade. The surge in owner surrenders and stray intakes has left many socialized and well-trained pets in desperate need of homes. Our fall 'Empty the Shelters' event will support the adoption of thousands of pets nationwide, aiding shelters during this critical time. Opening your home to a shelter pet not only saves a life but also creates space for another pet to have a chance."

During the Great Falls Animal Shelter's participation in"Empty The Shelters," they offeres reduced adoption fees to encourage more families to adopt.

$10 for cat adoption

$25 for dog adoption

Please note that the adoption fee does not include the $45 city license for residents of Great Falls.

For further details about this event or the adoption process, visit or call the shelter directly at 406-454-2276.

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