If you're a resident of Montana, you know the weather can change on a dime, especially in January.

Records For Falling Temperature

Record 24 Hour Temperature Drop, January 23-24, 1916

From Weather Underground,  Browning had it's temperature drop 100 degrees in less than 24 hours.  The temperature went from 44 degrees Fahrenheit to 56 degrees below zero Fahrenheit.

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Record 12 Hour Temperature Drop, December 24, 1924

Fairfield saw an 84 degree temperature drop in just 12 hours that cold Christmas Eve.

Records Held for Rising Temperatures In Montana

Record 24 Hour Temperature Increase, January 14-15, 1972

A chinook took the temperature in Loma from 54 degrees below zero at 9am January 14, to 49 degrees above zero at 8am on January 15, 1972.  The rise is the greatest change in temperature ever recorded on the planet in a 24 period of time at 103 degrees Fahrenheit.

Record 15 Hour Temperature Increase, December 1, 1896

Kipp, Montana

Record 15 Minute Temperature Increase, January 18, 1893

Fort Assiniboine, Montana

Thermometer showing it's hot

Record 7 Minute Temperature Increase, January 11, 1980 From Montana Kids:

Great Falls, Montana: The temperature rose 47 degrees from 32 below zero on January 10 to 15 above zero in just 7 minutes when Chinook winds hit the airport.  The 47 degree change is a record in the United States.

Lowest Temperature Ever Recorded In Montana From Weather Underground:

January 1954 at Roger's Pass, Montana wat 69.7 degrees below zero.

Longest Streak Of Below Freezing Days From Stacker:

The most days below freezing goes to Great Falls that had 32 days in a row that were below zero, ending on March 8, 2019.

Highest Temperature Ever Recorded In Montana From Stacker:

Glendive Montana, 117 degrees on July 20, 1893

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