Montana Was Fed A Fake Immigrant Story This Week

Blocks that spell out either fake or fact


Publications in the Flathead Valley, specifically Kalispell, were spreading false information this week about a bus load of illegals in Kalispell.  See the unsubstantiated report here.  Then, the entertainment website that did nothing but sew discord in the Valley, published this as a follow-up to the first unsubstantiated report. Check out the headline:

Breaking! Are Foreign Fighters Being Bussed Into Kalispell, MT?

Valley Broadcast Network went on to include an email from an "eye-witness" report.  Here's a bit of what the eye-witness GUESSED was going on:

My concern is that these folks are being placed in Sleeper Cells around the country n are
being trained so that when a major incident takes place before this fall, these Sleeper Cells
will be activated all over the country, we will have chaos in America like never before.

Truth lies rumors stories deceits
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When Actual News Outlets Investigated, This Is What They Found:

KRTV News contacted the Flathead County Sheriff's Office and spoke with Sheriff Brian Heino.  Sheriff Heino stated that it was a busload of Army National Guard members who were training in the Flathead Valley.

They are members of the Army National Guard.  Let that sink in. American Soldiers.  The rumors spread about them are shameful, at best.

It Matters Where You Get Your Montana News

A couple times a year, I remind everyone that not all "news sources" are actual News Sources. Some publications and programs CLAIM to give you news, when in reality, they are for entertainment purposes only, and not actual researched stories.

Again, may I reiterate that for national and international news, and even local news, the most trusted names period are The Associated Press and Reuters. There is no argument against the integrity of these two news entities.

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