More Area Codes Montanans Need To Avoid Answering Due To Scammers

It seems like every day there's a new scam on the horizon to trick you and I out of our money. We write about them all the time.

I swear, if these scammers used their powers for good, they'd be SO much richer than Bezos or Musk.  Bezos and Musk each had a good idea or two.  Scammers have to reinvent themselves all the time.  We find out what the scam is, we out the scam, so they have to invent a new one. Or, maybe just a new twist on an old scam.

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Area Codes That Are Most Likely Scams

Back in December 2023, Nick Northern warned us of 5 area codes that were very popular for phone scammers to use.  You can get reacquainted with that article here:

5 Area Codes You Should Never Answer

The area codes in that story were outside of the United States.  Looks like maybe all of the warnings worked.  The new area codes to avoid are right here in America.

Are Montanans Really Answering Calls From Unknown Numbers?

I'll be honest, it's a cold day in hell when I answer a number that isn't already in my phone, or doesn't come down with caller ID. I also refuse to have voice mail set up on my phone.  If you REALLY know me, you know that, and have sent me a text instead. Of course, there are exceptions to that rule but VERY few.

BE AWARE: Latest Montana Phone Scam Involving Law Enforcement

Vulnerability to scams

Before we get to the new area codes to avoid, let's take a peek at the 11 top scam phone numbers according to Go Banking Rates:

  • AT&T raffle winners: (904) 495-2559
  • Bank account temporarily on hold scam: (858) 605-9622
  • Card lock scam: (878) 877-1402
  • Debit card frozen scam: (863) 532-7969
  • Failed delivery attempt scam: (469) 709-7630
  • Fake Publisher’s Clearing House win: (805) 637-7243
  • Student loan forgiveness scam: (202) 221-7923
  • Weight loss and delivery scam: (312) 339-1227
  • Wells Fargo text message scam: (865) 630-4266
  • Unpaid taxes scam: (347) 437-1689
  • USPS scam: (301) 307-4601

Now For The New Area Codes Scamming Montanans:

Go Banking Rates shared these American area codes to avoid when getting a call from an unknown numbers: ⬇⬇⬇

8 Domestic Area Codes Scammers Use to Scam Unsuspecting Montanans

According to GoBankingRates, scammers don't JUST use international area codes to swindle people out of their money. They've been using these legitimate American area codes as well.

Gallery Credit: Michelle Heart

Montana When You See These 5 Area Codes, Don’t Answer

If you get a phone call from one of these 5 Area Codes DO NOT ANSWER. Thanks to for providing us with the information.

Gallery Credit: Nick Northern

Better Business Bureau Tips on How to Avoid a Social Media Scam

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