Santa.  I'm going to go out on a limb and say that Santa Clause is probably the second most famous human to ever walk the earth.

This time of the year, it's pretty hard to get any one on one time with the big guy. Is he supervising toy making, is he out checking on the reindeer, or is he spending some time in the shop getting the sleigh all tuned up and winterized for the big trip ahead?  Santa has a lot to do.

A red and gold sleigh with presents out in the snow with the words merry christmas inside Montana

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However, there are ways to be in touch with Santa, and still let him concentrate on his big night, Christmas Eve.

How To Get In Touch With Santa

Santa Clause rolls with the times.  There are so many different ways to get a hold of the big guy:

How Can I Track Santa Christmas Eve?

There are a couple of places you can go to see where the big guy is located on Christmas Eve.  Of course, NORAD has a tracker and more, and you can also track Santa Clause here.

Blue and white picture in the clouds with the moon in the background and Santa, sleigh and Reindeer outlined in black inside of montana outline

Those Santa Tracking Sites Are Really Fun

When you're on NORAD or Google Santa Tracker, try some of Santa's favorite games, activities, crafts, books, movies and more.  The elves keep these websites jam packed with some holly jolly Christmas games and activities.

Does Santa Know Who Is On His Sites?

Yes, so the best thing you can do is make sure your chores and homework are done before you log on.  Santa is always watching.

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