So, you're thinking it's time for a career change and Montana's Cannabis industry looks pretty enticing.  It's like being a bartender only with marijuana, how hard can it be, right?


Becoming a Montana Budtender is a lot more Entailed than you Think

From the Cannabis Control Division of the Montana Department of Revenue, this is what you need to do:

Individuals applying to work in the marijuana industry must complete the required education programs and submit a certificate verifying this education.

Currently there are two required education programs for an individual to complete in order to receive a worker permit:

  • Identifying, Preventing, and Reporting Human Trafficking
  • Rules & Regulations: Legal Sales of Marijuana in Montana

These certificates must be renewed each year prior to renewing a worker permit.

Provide your current certificates to your employer and maintain a copy for your personal records.

From my very uneducated point of view, it looks a lot like an alcohol TIPS class.  The difference appears to be that you can work as a bartender for a limited time before taking TIPS, where as in the marijuana field, this is required BEFORE getting a job.


Permit Information MDOR/CCD:

  • Worker permits are issued for one year and must be renewed annually to remain active.
  • Workers do not need to be Montana residents
  • Worker permits must be always visible on the worker while performing work for a marijuana business
  • Worker permits are issued to individuals rather than their employer and may be used concurrently at multiple marijuana businesses if an individual works for multiple businesses.
  • Worker permits cannot be sold, given, or transferred to another individual.
  • You may apply for a worker permit starting at the age of 18.

The permits will run you $50 a year to renew.

What's the Average Wage of a Montana Budtender?

It's hard to nail down exactly, but it looks like it ranges from 31,000 a year to $41,000 a year.  So, about $16-$21 an hour.  In Montana, that's not bad money.

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