Have You Ever Seen The Eagle Plaque On An Older Montana Home?

According to The Hill, back in the day, way back in the day, when buying a home was entirely in reach of households with one bread winner, these eagle plaques were displayed to show that the home was paid off and the owners were "free".  People mostly displayed these symbols of the "American Dream fulfilled" on their front doors or on their garages.

Eagle plaque Montana

Montana Is In The Top Ten In America For Homes With No Mortgage

Montana Right Now did an article in January 2024 that shows Montana in a strong ninth place in America for the most homes that are paid off.  From Montana Right Now, 33.1% of Montana homes are free and clear of a mortgage.  That's a third of Montana homes with no bank loan looming over them.  I wonder what that number was before the pandemic and people coming in from all over offering above market pricing on Montana's homes?

Boomers, 65 Years +, Have The Most Mortgage Free Homes

Boomers in Montana

What a surprise that figure must come to most Americans, LOL.  Of COURSE that demographic has the most paid off homes.  They were the ones that had ONE person working a full time job and could afford a great starter home, then a great second home then a great third home with dreams of selling to retire in a great double wide in Florida.

Instead of living their Florida dreams, these gigantic homes are sitting there with one or 2 people living in them, or the opposite end of the spectrum, they're now housing their children and grand children because nobody can afford to really live anywhere anymore.  Ok, maybe that's a little "the sky is falling", but I'm sure you get what I mean.

35 Million Dollar Montana Home in Three Forks, Montana

Take A Tour Of This 35 Million Dollar Montana Home

Gallery Credit: Tammie Toren

One Of A Kind 39 Million Dollar Montana Home Is For Sale. Check It Out

This home is at 295 Cobble Creek, Bozeman, MT. You can check out the listing on Zillow or Montanalifere.com. The property is listed by Mike Schlauch and Vivian Yoon, PureWest Christie's Bozeman.

Gallery Credit: Megan Shaul

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