There are very few weather event in history that I actually remember in Montana. The weather around here never really surprises me because, well, it's Montana and I'm sure you will agree with me.

However, August 22-23rd of 1992 was a different story all together.

I do remember that day because of the unusual snow fall.

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When it started snowing I was just a small kid swimming in a kiddie pool just off of central avenue. Looking up I saw giant snow flakes coming down, very confused, I snapped back to reality to my babysitter at the time telling me to dry off and come inside, a storm was a-brewin'. After that odd interaction of snow in the summertime my recollection leaves me.

The local news station KRTV remembered in a report the made of the memory last year.

They also released some great vintage stock footage of the aftermath of the storm.

According to their report, The National Weather Service commented on the unusual storm.

An unprecedented weather event occurred in north-central and southwestern Montana in August 1992. An early season arctic surface airmass moved southward along the Continental Divide, resulting in record cold temperatures throughout Montana for nearly a week.

They further explained that this was the one of the first recorded snow Great Falls has seen in August and at that point(1992), various places have been recording weather for 100 years.

Will we see another snow fall in Great Falls during the month of August ever again?

Never say never in Montana.

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