The Great Falls are and the rest of Montana are going to see very hot days in the coming week well into the 90's and there is a lot going on with vacations as well as the Montana State fair in full swing.

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While having lots of fun out there, some people might get busy and forget to look for signs of heat related illness like heat exhaustion and heat stroke.


Depending on how severe the illness is, it may result in hospitalization.

There is a signs and symptoms guide one can look at from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Heat Rash and Sunburns

After someone has been in the for a bit, skin can start become red, warm, and at some points skin can start to hurt. Once you recognize sunburns and sun rash, it's probably time to get out of the sun and get some water. If burns are severe enough maybe call it a day and stay out of the sun.


Heat Cramps

Heat cramps can happen after prolonged sun exposure and sweating. Heavy sweating, muscle spasms and cramping are the usual signs. After you feel these symptoms, be sure to get inside to a cool place, drink plenty of water, get electrolytes in with a sports drink and take a rest.

Heat Exhaustion/ Heat Stroke

Signs can be all of the above as well as confusion, dizziness, unconsciousness. Manifestation of these symptoms is a critical time once heat stroke sets it, once that happens, find a med tent, find a hospital if its possible. If not, find ice, or cool water to cool the body down and notify 911.

Hopefully it never gets to that point and everyone can have a safe, fun time in the sun.

Horse Racing, Great Falls, Montana

Horse Racing, Great Falls, Montana

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