Last night and this morning saw about 8 inches of snow that fell upon The Electric City.

I am aware that this is Montana, and I am also aware we are heading into the cold part of the year and should expect rain, snow and cold. However, for some reason I'm never ready for snow fall despite being a Montanan my whole entire life.

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This morning I sprang out of bed fully rested and ready to tackle whatever the day had in store for me except for one little thing that lingered outside of my bedroom window. A full-fledged blanket of snow covering the land and both mine, and my wife's vehicles.


First thing I said to missus,

"Guess what?"

"What?", My wife asked

"Snow, more than the small amount last night. Like a lot."

My wife looking at me in terror, "Aww man."

We get ready for the day dreading to go outside.


We each have a job on snowy mornings, she likes to shovel the walk and I get to go out to the cars with our trusty Libman broom and brush off the cars and fire them up.

After she made a trail to the outside world, I proceeded to get the cars ready, the only thing I realized is that I left my gloves in the glove box from last winter.

With cold hands I swept off all the cars of heavy snow and by the time I was done, the snow shored up to about a foot and a half around me. I'm just glad my Honda Accord made it through the new snow drifts throughout town until I got to work.

From the guy that's not ready for winter, to the fresh cold Montana weather, pretty please, with sugar on top, Cool your jets.

Thank You.

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