There has been a point where everyone has received an "important" text that you are just dying to answer at a red light.


You see it, and it's somehow time sensitive and you pick it up to and answer it while the red light is up. Once it's green, you toss the phone back onto the seat and drive.

Since the vehicle is not moving at the moment, is it okay for one to pick up the phone and use it?

In Montana, as of now there isn't any "texting and driving bans" as a state. However Great Falls is a different story.

According to Great Falls City Ordinance 3090, Operating any handheld device is prohibited.

City's Cell Phone Ordinance has been in effect since August, 2012. This ordinance restricts the use of hand held communication devices within the city limits while operating a motorized vehicle or bicycle. Users will be able to talk on their phones, while in their car, but must use a hands free device.

The ordinance only covers "city limits". However, I wouldn't trust that a Sheriff or a Highway Patrolman would look the other way outside of the city.

One can probably land a careless driving infraction for texting and driving outside of city limits.

Talking with Nick Northern earlier today, we realized that we've BOTH have received city ordinance violations for using hand-held devices.

I received one a few years ago by literally rejecting and incoming call while stopped at a light over by Jaker's on 10th avenue on my way to get lunch somewhere.

Law Enforcement are not fooling around with hand-held use while driving, so that text can wait until your done driving.


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