Having a small vehicle to make things easier on your Montana property can be awesome. We all look for a good deal on used vehicles because there are many things to haul, move and gather from the store and multiple vehicles just makes things easier. but what if you can grab something new at an affordable price?

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There is a little pickup truck making it's way around the internet over the last couple of years that is built overseas, packed in a crate and sent right to people's doors in America. Maybe you've seen it on Facebook reels or on TikTok.

They call it the world's cheapest pick-up truck.

The Chang-Li vehicle is very mini but can get jobs done from transporting some soil or hay, even taking the grand kids around for a little ride around the property. It comes with two doors or four doors, as well as a tilting box to dump whatever you're carting around at the moment for easy deployment. From what I see online, one can buy an electric or a diesel version.

@spaceshyper Donut Media's Cheap Chinese truck I Chung Li | #donutmedia #chanli ♬ original sound - SpacesHyper

Some people put them through the paces and give the dirt on what it takes to get it to your front door. Even though it's advertised as two-thousand dollars, there may be duty fees, some equipment fees like a battery one might have to pay for if one can't find one readily in our country.  It comes with spare mirrors, wiring and other things in case one has to make repairs.

Ebikeschool.com via Youtube gives a more practical review for light duty jobs more attuned to what someone would really use it for.

Would you grab one of these to get the job done in Montana?

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