Gift cards are a very accessible present for a lot of people these days.

As my grandpa would say, "It's the right size and color."

It gives freedom for the gift receiver to go pick what they really want, need or help with the price of something they've been saving for.

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Sometimes people bank up a lot of gift cards over the year or a few years to go grab stuff, but do gift cards legally expire in Montana?


Let's look into the Montana law.

According to Montana code 30-14-108,

(1) A gift certificate is valid until redemption and does not terminate. A gift certificate is considered trust property of the possessor if the issuer or seller of the gift certificate declares bankruptcy after issuing or selling the gift certificate.

(2) The value represented by the gift certificate belongs to the possessor and not to the issuer or seller. An issuer or seller may redeem a gift certificate presented by an individual whose name does not match the name on the gift certificate.

(3) A gift certificate may not be reduced in value by any fee, including a dormancy fee applied if a certificate is not used.

(4) If the original value of the gift certificate was more than $5 and the remaining value is less than $5 and the possessor requests cash for the remainder, the issuer or seller shall redeem the gift certificate for cash.


According to this Montana law, NO. They cannot expire, and there's even stipulations for remaining balances.


Rest assured that whatever you're wanting to get, you can do it with your gift card and on your own time if the business still exists. It might be too late to get something from Bed Bath and Beyond.

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