I Love A Salad

Nearly every work day, I have a salad for breakfast or lunch. I found these vacuum packed salads at Walmart that are just $3 each ($5 in the other stores) that are perfect for taking to work. And there are so many kinds, from Cobb Salad to my favorite Spinach Salad.

A big bowl of green salad with the word yum in pink

I don't eat salad just because it's healthy, and it is.  A salad can provide the fiber and vitamins and antioxidants you need to round out your day in a healthy way.  I eat salads because I just LOVE THEM.

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I Get Caught In Food Ruts Where I Eat The Same Thing From The Same Place A lot

In fact, I have eaten my way out of liking a food a few times in my life.  My go-to salads when eating out are the vegetarian salad at Café Rio, the salad bar at Super One Foods, the Max Casino and Mod Pizza. In order to not make myself hate any of those places from eating it too much, I thought I'd better branch out.

nice salad bar

Great Falls Is Loaded With Restaurants, Where Are The Other Great Salads?

That's where you come in.  I posted the question on Facebook, and salad lovers came out in droves.  I have so many new places to try. From the Mighty Mo to the Montana Club and even the Silver Spur in Vaughan, there are loads of salads to be had in the Electric City.

I ranked the top 5, then mentioned the numerous other salads in Great Falls that have people talking.

Is your favorite salad restaurant on the list?

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