Could Montana Be Home To The Best Dive Bar In The United States?

That all depends on us during March Dive-Ness.

What Is March Dive-ness?

Every year, to coincide with March Madness, Dive Bar Road Trip, runs a contest to determine the best dive bar in America.

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It starts with 128 bars across the country.  Each day, we have a chance to vote for our favorite dive bar, and they advance to the next bracket.  Just like March Madness only a lot less physical, and you can probably shoot a game of pool and not miss anything.

What Makes A Montana Dive Bar So Special?

So many reasons to love the dive bars under the big sky of Montana.

  • Locally brewed beer
  • Locally distilled spirits
  • Local owners
  • Down-to-earth bartenders
  • No dress code
  • No foofy drinks
  • Low to extremely low prices
  • Cool decor
  • Pool tables/Darts
  • GREAT bar food

What Montana Dive Bars Are In The Running?

The Bunkhouse Bar in Toston, Montana

Bunkhouse Bar Toston, Montana
Google maps//Canva

The Bunkhouse came in 7th place overall last year in the March Dive-Ness competition.  Click their name to give them your vote.

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The Plaza Bar in Three Forks, Montana

Plaza Bar Three Forks, Montana
Google maps//Canva

The Plaza Bar is already a legend in Three Forks.  You can cast a vote for them by clicking on their name.

How Long Do We Vote For March Dive-Ness?

Check back daily to vote for your favorite Montana Dive Bar.  New brackets are put up all the time.  The contest ends April 6, 2024

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