Blu Skye Hayes Is A Child That Has Been Missing In Cascade County Since May 24, 2024

I was scrolling through Facebook the other day, and a post caught my eye for a couple of reasons.  First, ANOTHER missing indigenous woman, second, what the mother of this young woman said in her post.

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When are we going to take these women disappearing seriously?  When?  This young woman missed her HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATION.

Her mother feels so helpless looking for her that she said THIS on a Facebook post, "My daughter Blu Skye isn't trash." My god.  Of course she isn't.  It's so sad that she felt compelled to say that to get people to listen to her.

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Take a look at this Facebook post of Blu Skye.  Make sure you get her face embedded into your mind.

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Blu Skye is:  5'2", weighs about 150 pounds with brown hair and brown eyes.  Blu Skye's mother has been in contact with authorities, so if you think you've seen her, contact them.

You can call:

Cascade County Sheriff's Office at 406.454.6978

Montana Missing Persons Clearing House at 406.444.2800

To see Blu Skye's Profile on the Montana Missing Person's Database, click here.

Montana Public Radio reported last year that there were 45 missing indigenous women here in Montana.  We need to band together and stop the murder of these Montana women.  Right now, the lack of focus on the missing, keeps Montana an ideal spot for the kidnapping and murder of our citizens.  First step to stopping it is to form a unified front that says Montana protects their own.

If you've seen or heard anything about Blu Skye, please get a hold of the proper authorities immediately.

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