It's Swimsuit Season In Montana

For most parents, it's time to get the summer play clothes ready, and that means adding a swimming suit or 2 to the mix.

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Until today, I didn't realize there were safe colors for a swim suit and a not safe at all color.  Do you know which one?

What Color Swimsuit Should You Avoid Buying For Your Child's Safety?

According to the swim instructor in this TikTok video, it's blue.  Blue, of course it's blue.

@gma A swim instructor in Florida took to social media to call attention to the dangers of blue swimsuits and how to keep kids safe in the pool this summer. #Swim#Safety#Swimsuits#Family#Children#Warning#Summer#Pools♬ original sound - Good Morning America
How in the world has this never occurred to me? When it's spelled out in the video, it's like "of course we should avoid blue swimsuits".  Until I saw this, it never once dawned on me that the color of my child's swimwear could directly affect their safety.

What Are The Best Colors For Swimsuits For A Child's Safety?

Also in the TikTok video, the swim instructor suggests buying neon colors like orange, pink or yellow neon.  She said when neon colors aren't available, fall back on red, orange, pink or yellow.  In the video, they show a young swimmer with a multi colored suit that was easy to spot in the water.

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kids jumping into swimming pool

Let Your Colors Fly For A Safe Summer In The Water

Get colorful and get to enjoying Montana's water and sunshine, safely.

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