There is so much to see and experience in America's 4th largest state.  Coming to Montana to visit can turn into the vacation of a lifetime.  I want to give you some gentle advice to make your visit to Montana is a dream come true, not a nightmare.

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The Biggest Misconceptions

The National and State Parks:

The animals are WILD!  When you're in a national or state park, YOU'RE in THEIR house.  Act accordingly.  Respect the wild.  If you insist on getting a picture of you petting a moose or buffalo or BEAR, you're ASKING to be injured or even killed.  Stay a safe (far) distance and use your zoom.  It's much cooler to come back from vacation with pictures of buffalo in the wild than a WILD hospital bill.

Stay on the trails and obey park laws and regulations. Again, you are visiting a place that is full of wild animals, naturally dangerous things like HOT POTS, and weather that can change on a dime.  The rules aren't there to ruin your visit.  They're there to make sure you have a great time and actually MAKE IT HOME.

The Size of Montana

Gas Stations and EV stations

A lot of people overestimate how many gas stations they'll encounter while driving through this huge state.  It all depends on your route. My dad raised me to stop and gas up when I was on half a tank, and that strategy has never let me down.


Stay on I-115 or I-15 and chances are you'll run into enough gas stations.

Say you take the back roads from Great Falls to Billings, you'd better make sure you have enough gas to make it to Eddie's Corner or Ray's Sport and Western Wear, or you might be in for a fun time on the side of the road.  Sure, Montanans are friendly and will help, but who knows when one will be driving by.

According to Visit Montana there are 80 EV Charging stations in the state.  Plan BEFORE you go with Charge Hub. When looking at the map, most of the charging stations are on or around the interstate and in larger Montana Cities.

Plan Accordingly For Where You Want To Go And When

I can't stress this enough, THE WEATHER is a big issue in Montana no matter the season.

Make sure you bring clothes to match the season you're visiting, and maybe some that will work in case it gets unseasonably cold.  I was once visiting Yellowstone in June, and there was about 3 inches of snow that fell during that time.

What you're driving can really matter.  If you're planning a standard stay on the highway type of vacation a car will do.  If you're planning on exploring, you may want to bring an SUV or pickup.

If you're camping, keep in mind that there probably isn't anywhere really close to get the things you forgot.  It's best to just be prepared for as many scenarios as you can come up with.  If you feel like your equipment may be lacking, stop into a Montana sports shop and ask someone.  They'll be happy to make sure you have what you need.

You May Need To Reserve A Pass For A National Park

Glacier and Yellowstone have a lot of tourists year round.  It's best to check and see if you can just drive on in to the park on the day you need to go, or if you need to reserve a pass and if you need to reserve a certain day.  Don't let that be what wrecks your vacation.

Leave It How You Found It

We love our state and want to keep it just this way.  Be sure to pack out what you pack in, especially garbage, and leave your spot the way it was when you arrived.

We're excited to have you visit our state.  Hope to see you soon.

Tips For A Great Montana Vacation

Tips For A Great Montana Vacation

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