A New Scam Targeting Social Security Recipients In Montana

Seems like every week, someone is warning us of a new scam in Montana. Since I've been writing these articles, I've noticed that scammers tend to target the most vulnerable in society.

Social Security Scam Montana

I will always say that if scammers used their powers for good, they could rule the world.  Until then, we will keep fighting the good fight to keep everyone out of harm's way.

Beware: Unemployment Scam

The Office Of The Inspector General Social Security Administration Sends Out Warning

  • Misinformation is being circulated about a $600 Social Security benefit increase
  • The increase is said to start in June 2024
  • The SSA reminds you benefit increases are ALWAYS automatic
  • IF a new COLA is announced later this year, it will begin January 2025
Social Security Scam Montana

Avoid Being Scammed With This Advice From The Social Security Administration

It's important to take a stand and protect yourself.  First thing you do, hang up on these fools.  If you're afraid it might be legitimate take these precautions:

  • When contacted by these scammers, take care to safeguard your personal information.  All the scammers want is for you to give them access
  • The Social Security Administration will send a letter out to you if there is a change in your benefits. These letters, if needed, are sent out in December of the year for the change to take place in January of the following year
  • Create an account here for instant access to any and all information related to your Social Security Benefits

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