Don't Let This Bug Ruin Your Montana Summer Adventures

This summer, while you're travelling around Montana staying in hotels, motels and Airbnbs, make sure you keep this in mind: bedbugs

Three Towns In Montana Are Some Of The Most Bedbug Infested Towns In The United States

According to Logan Hocking Times, there are three towns in Montana that stand out for their continued bedbug infestations.

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How Is It That Such A Sparsely Populated State Could Have 3 Towns With Infestations Enough To Make A List?

Pest control experts say it has to do with a lot of different factors:

  • People are travelling more
  • There is a fear that bedbugs are building up a resistance to chemicals used to kill them
  • People don't know what to look for to avoid bedbugs
  • Bedbugs can spread quickly to other areas because of the ease the bugs have for travelling on furniture, clothing, luggage, people and more
  • It's believed that areas with hospitals, universities and military sites are more susceptible to bedbugs due to the migrant nature of the people frequenting these areas

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How Do You Avoid Bedbugs?

  • Check everywhere you're staying for the nasty little menaces
  • Use covers or plastic bags to keep luggage away from beds and other places bedbugs love
  • Vacuum everything and wash everything when you get home at a high temperature
  • Invest in box spring and mattress encasements for your home
  • If you do find bedbugs, don't try to eradicate them yourself, the amount of time lost before you call an exterminator could make the infestation much worse.

Which Towns In Montana Are The Worst For Bed Bugs?

#3 In Montana, #47 In America

Bedbugs Missoula

#2 In Montana, #41 In America

Bedbugs Great Falls
Great Falls Montana Tourism//Canva

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#1 in Montana, #16 In America

Bedbugs Billings

Bed Bug Facts

Bed Bug Facts

Gallery Credit: Tammie Toren

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