I did an article a couple of days ago about this out of touch narcissist that moved to Bozeman from Manhattan because "feeling cool isn't as important as feeling rich".

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What a bucket of worms this woman has opened for herself.  I wasn't the only person who had something to say.  Hipsters of Bozeman on Reddit called her out, and this was Shallon's response:

Lol shallot’s rant @ hipsters of Bozeman
by u/Missunimpossible in Bozeman

The first thing that hits me is she's so into "looking rich" that she has a display cabinet in her home for her PURSES?  Girl, whether it's ten thousand dollar bag from Louis Vuitton or a $50 dollar bag from Target, they're all PURSES.  Put them away.  Honestly, nobody cares.  It makes her look so weak.

She's a mean girl.  Ok, so am I.  However, she calls the person who runs Hipsters of Bozeman a "goblin" over and over again.  No matter how mean my article was to her, and it was, no names were called.  It makes her look so weak.

She goes on to say sarcastically, she's so glad people said she was "welcome to stay in Bozeman".  She can act like it's ridiculous, but girl, Montanans have a way of making the trash take itself  out.  She looks so weak.

Sarcastically, she tries to stand her ground about how she doesn't need anyone's approval to make life changes and goes on to call the girl an "anonymous, broke, dumpy pigeon".  I would argue that her incessant need for social media gratification tells a different story.  She looks so weak.

She then says how the girl posts pictures of people dressed poorly on her account and just shreds them, "but we'll put that aside" then calling her "entitled, bratty and completely out of touch" all while being the owner of this website, where she straight up says she will teach you how to manipulate men.  But yeah, the hipster is worse.  Shallon is so weak.

What does Shallon always say? "No one above you is coming for you."  Wow.  Just wow.  That's laughable.  That's something a mom or dad says to a kid that's being bullied by someone like Shallon.  She is really really weak.

Some fun facts I've learned in the last couple of days:

The home she lives in did not cost a million.  It is said to be in the $800,000 range.  That's not a million.  In fact, there are 2 hundred thousand more dollars needed to GET TO a million.  (I know, math is hard.)

It's also said the home is in a trust in California owned by a 75 year old woman they figure is some kind on relative.

After this, I will get her out of my sights.  After all, we are talking about a narcissist here.  She will never ever ever see what a complete and utter fool she is, and she is probably loving the attention.

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