Toy Recall In Montana

Less than a month after Christmas, the Consumer Product Safety Commission issues a warning for Relax 5mm Science Kit.

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From the Consumer Product Safety Commission

Name Of Recalled Toy

Relax 5mm Science Kit, Large Hematite Magnets Magnetic Stones Building Blocks

Toy that is being recalled on a red background
Consumer Product Safety Commission//Canva

Problem With The Toy

The ball set is in noncompliance of the mandatory federal magnet regulation.  The magnets are stronger than permitted and fit in the Consumer Product Safety Commission's small parts cylinder.

What Is The Hazard?

If magnets are ingested, they can attract to each other or any other metal object and get lodged in the digestive system and could result in perforations, twisting or blocking of the intestines, infection, blood poisoning and even death.

Where Is This Toy Made?

Shanghai Yanlei Network Technology Co. Ltd., of China

Where Was This Toy Sold?

Only on from February 2022 through April 2023

a hand, megaphone and the words product recall

What Should You Do If This Toy Is In Your Home?

Of course, take these toys away from your children.  Contact Joybuy to get a prepaid label to return the toy for a full refund of your money. It's said that Joybuy is said to be notifying all customers directly.

I tried to find Joybuy to give you a link for a faster refund, only to find it's impossible to find a website.  They have a Facebook page, but it is full of people saying the company is a scam.

Here's a list of some of the latest toys that have been recalled, including this science kit:

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