Blame it on El Niño for a mild winter this year.

The past few winters in Montana have been bitter cold, I mean cold.

Digging lots of snow out of everywhere, snow piles in parking lots until March or April, and plugging those cars in. It was all the workings of the weather pattern La Niña. Rearing her ugly temper with deadly cold temperature for our state.

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2023 winter weather in Montana can and has been predicted to be a little different on account of La Niña's less spicy brother El Niño.


This weather pattern reminds me of the 1990's when I became aware of it. El Niño happens about every 2-7 years in the south pacific.

During normal conditions of weather, trade winds blow warm water west over to Asia, and with the process of Upwelling bringing colder water up from Central America to the west coast of the States.

El Niño runs almost the same process, however trade winds do not carry that warm water all the way west, instead the colder water from down south interacts with the warm water resulting in warmer, more wilder winter temperatures for our section of the country leaving the warm jet stream up north.

I'm not a weatherman by any means, so I had to watch some YouTube to understand what was going on.

This weather pattern can almost predict future weather to almost 90% accuracy according to The Missoulian, It's about time we had a winter that wont freeze you hand off while scraping a windshield. or I could just get better gloves, who knows.

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