Moonshine apart of America's history, You here about people making up in the mountains, and remember drinking some at a wedding or a family gathering feeling really special and a bit tipsy trying some out.

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In certain places, the home production of moonshine has become more relaxed and allowed for home use only. However, there are in fact only a few states in the union that allow people to brew up the strong drink and I was wondering if Montana is one of those states because Hey, we love to have a bit of strong stuff from time to time.


According to the Alcohol, and Tobacco Tax Bureau's rules for home distilling, There are only five states in America that can Brew Moonshine for home use purposes. In most cases equipment and yield must be registered in it's own state.

Looking at the chart on, It doesn't appear that Montana allows people to brew that sweet, sweet Moonshine.

Too Bad.


In the article from on where moonshine is legal, they state where it is legal and what the stipulations are:

Missouri: Personal use up to 200 gal/year

Massachusetts: Personal use on own property only

Arizona: Must have a permit for personal use/register still

Alaska: Personal use only

North Dakota:  Only up to federal allowed level (0)

It doesn't seem like much sense to brew up in North Dakota because it only allows the federal level of zero gallons. Some may see this as a hurdle, but I see it as an opportunity to make small batches that are less that one(1) gallon. Maybe I'm wrong, but it's worth a try.

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