Are Vehicle Owners In Montana Required To Display A Plate In The Front?

Yes.  Montana is what is known as a Two Plate State, meaning drivers must display a plate mounted on the vehicle on both the back AND the front.

Tammie Toren//Canva
Tammie Toren//Canva

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There Are Exceptions To The Two Plate Rule

From Get Jerry,

The exceptions are motorcycles, quadricycles, trailers, semi-trailers, pole trailers, and travel trailers.These only need rear license plates.
More information (along with other license plate laws) can be found in Montana Statutes Section 61-3-301

Is There A Penalty In Montana For Driving Without A Front Plate?

Yes.  Get Jerry warns, the first offense is a fine of no less than $250 and no more than $500.   The second offense is a fine of $350 and if you STILL don't front plate your car, you could be fined $500 and get sentenced to no more than 10 days in jail.

What Is The Reasoning Behind Requiring 2 Plates In Montana?

Apparently, having a front license plate helps police identify stolen vehicles.  A double plate requirement literally doubles the odds of the police finding your vehicle.

Are That Many Cars Stolen In Montana That This Is Needed?

According to Get Jerry, Montana's stolen vehicle rate has gone up 99 percent since 2011, so it certainly can't hurt.



But My Vehicle Didn't Come With A Front Mount

That means you're going to have to either go get one, or find a way to display your plate clearly and securely on the front of your vehicle.

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