When traveling as a kid with my parents one of the ways I would pass the time was looking at the other cars license plates.  I loved seeing all the different designs that each state had.  I would also try to see if I could find one from each state on our journey.

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Had I only known how many plate options there are in Montana, that could have been a new game for me to play. Could I find every license plate offered in Montana.  I feel that is a game that will never end as Montana has an insane amount of choice when it comes to the plates you can put on your vehicle.

So why does Montana have so many different options when it comes to our license plates.

It's because of Montana’s “Sponsored Plate” program.  Any group or organization can have their own license plate.  It is not as simple as just saying they want one though.

The group or organization fills out the proper paperwork, submits the design for the plates, then pays $4,000 to offset the costs to produce the plates.  Even then they will need to be approved.

When it comes to picking your new plates, there are the five standard options to choose from.  These cost you nothing more than just registering your vehicle.  Then there are fourteen different “Sponsored Plate” categories for you to choose from that will cost you a bit more. In speaking with Leila Mahler, who works at the DMV in Great Falls, she said they have a well over 200 plates in those 14 categories.

If there is a hobby or group or charity you support you can bet you will find a license plate to let everyone know you do.

That is another neat thing about these plates.  The extra money you pay toward having these plates goes directly toward that organization. You can see how much each raises here.

So the next time you're traveling across the Big Sky, keep an eye out and see if you can spot all of the different plates in our gallery below.

Montana Shocking Number of License Plate Options

When it comes to license plates, Montana has more choices than most states, check out the plates here.

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