Playing in the great outdoors.  It's something Montana is known for.  What if you could work there, too?

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The USDA Forest Service Is Hiring For The Lolo National Forest

Permanent Seasonal Jobs

  • Lolo National Forest is hiring 60 permanent seasonal positions/Seasonal at 26 weeks per year
  • Locations:  Superior, Plans, Seeley Lake, Hudson, Missoula
  • Positions include Forestry Aid/Technician and Forestry Technician
  • Close Date:  November 22, 2023

Temporary Seasonal Jobs

  • Seasonal fire positions for the 2024 Fire Season
  • Locations: Superior, Plains, Seeley Lake, Hudson and Missoula
  • Close Date:  November 8, 2022
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Temporary Seasonal Positions, Non-Fire

  • Positions include Animal Packers supporting and backcountry crews, Biological Technician supporting weed crew and Forestry Technician supporting trail crews
  • Locations: Superior, Plains Seeley Lake, Hudson and Missoula

Realty Specialist/Special Uses Administrator

  • Location:  Seeley Lake
  • Close day November 13, 2023

Are You In School and Considering A Forest Service Job?

Check into The Pathways Program.  It's a great way for high school students, undergrads, postgrads and recent grads to get into a career with the Forest Service.

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Student Internships Pathways Program

This is for both high school and college students enrolled in a qualifying educational program or institution that are interested in a paid internship while in school.

Students are temporary hires that can work either full or part time for up to a year or an indefinite length of time.  These positions have the potential to become permanent.

Recent Graduate Pathways Program

This program is for recent graduates of qualifying educational programs and institutions.  If you will graduate in the next nine months, or have graduated with qualifying credits in the last two years, you can apply.

Successful candidates get training and mentoring, and the job could become permanent.

US Forest Service Public Lands Day

Get out your gloves and help the great outdoors!

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