Stargazing In Montana

Last time I lived on a farm, I'd go lay out on the lawn late at night, and look at the sky.  If you're not in or around a town, Montana can be the ultimate place for stargazing.  It's so amazing all that you can see on a clear night laying on the lawn.  It's also a good lesson in light pollution.  These are things that just can not be seen by the naked eye in town.

Central montana stargazing map

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2024 Is A Particularly Good Year For Sky Events

In addition to the comets, meteor showers, new moon, full moon, blue moon, super moon and more, there is a total eclipse this year on April 8, 2024 and a Annular Solar Eclipse on October 2, 2024.  Both of these events are something to see.  There won't be another solar eclipse until 2044.

Where Can I See The Total Eclipse This Year In Montana

You can check out the total eclipse anywhere in Montana.  The eclipse will be between 40 and 60 percent totality.  Just because we aren't seeing the total eclipse, doesn't mean you don't have to protect your eyes.  At Eclipse 2024 you can get viewing information for the total eclipse, as well as a chance to buy some eclipse glasses.  Be careful when shopping for eclipse glasses. There are a lot of companies selling imitations that could leave you with sight problems after the eclipse.

Total eclipse Montana

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Where Is The Best Place For Stargazing In Montana?

Central Montana has listed 19 places for Stargazers to check out on their Trail to the Stars. Each of these locations were chosen for their access, low light pollution and a nice open area for stargazing.

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Best Places For Stargazing In Montana

Best Places For Stargazing In Montana

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