It's wet, heavy snow season, or March in Montana.  When the snow is loaded with moisture it can come with some dangers we might not even think about as we're struggling to shovel the stuff.

Too much snow on your gas meter can cause an explosion, like in the video below.

This was the second explosion that has happened recently in Wentworth, South Dakota.  The fire department said “Large amounts of snow can put heavy weight and pressure on the pipes, which ultimately causes them to break and fail. In both home explosions, there was 10+ feet or more of snow on the gas meter.”

Montana-Dakota utilities is urging residents to check in on their gas meters and make sure they are not covered with snow and ice.  In addition to the possibility of an explosion, having a damaged gas meter can cause interruptions in service, the last thing you need when it's really cold, gas leaks and damage to associated piping.

Always clean off your meter when you're clearing snow from your walks. It's smart to shovel a trail to your meter for utility or emergency workers.  Never use a shovel or kick or hit your meter with a tool to remove ice.  Never wrap your meter in blankets or plastics to protect it.  Your meter needs to breath, or all that gas could wind up in your home, and that's a whole other set of problems. One last thing, check your gutters and overhangs.  If they're covered in ice, they could melt onto your meter causing it to freeze when temperatures drop.

Northwestern Energy features this video with safety tips for you and your meter.



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