There are so many "good" shoes out there, and keeping our feet comfortable is so important. I have literally tried so many different brands of shoes trying to find the best one for me.

I am one of those people that has the long skinny feet with a high arch, so it's not really the easiest task.

So many people swear by Hoka's. Once deemed the ugliest shoe, is now one of the most popular by many for comfort. I will admit, they are coming out with a more "visually appealing" style, which is good.

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When it comes to the most poplar shoe in Montana, I was a bit shocked. I personally thought it would be the popular Hoka or On Clouds, considering I see them everywhere I go.

Planet Fashion took into consideration each state and which shoe was most searched through each state. Working with a tech company, data was compiled and a list of some of the most popular sneaker brands across the USA and Canada was analyzed. They cross referenced the list with data from Google over the past 12 months to find out which sneaker brands each state was searching for the most.

Most Popular Shoe Searched In Montana?


Planet Fashion
Planet Fashion

I have had Nike my whole life, but I am also a fan of comfort over fashion, so as long as the shoe is comfortable and fits my needs, I am happy supporting whatever brand suits the occasion.


In the U.S., the top three most popular shoes searched are:

1. Vans

2. Converse

3. Nike

cc: Planet Fashion

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