I wrote an article earlier this week about how the permafrost in Montana subsided enough for me to finally put on a set of neatly pressed shorts I've been saving since October and I got to thinking about a question posed on Reddit about the advantages winter, or cold weather.

Well, I didn't think there would be any serious answers out there until I actually dove in and looked around, because in an environment like Montana, from my experience, I only remember people complaining about the weather especially in my college days interacting with people from different regions of the country and the world.

The list was surprisingly lengthy, but on an average about 4 to 5 major advantages were upvoted and commented upon.

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Winter is a time for hibernation and it's not just for bears. People on reddit seem to have solace in the fact winter is no place for insects. Bugs like mosquitos, termites, cockroaches, Flies and ants.




People commented on their love for winter clothing. Warm jackets, layers, gloves, scarves. A few people online really love scarves, the look and the warmth. Like my wife people also responded with cozy blankets, we have no shortage in our house for coziness. The other advantage is that you can peel enough clothes off when your warm and there's less probability of it getting inappropriate while undressing.





This was a big one, maybe this came from people in bigger metropolitan areas were garbage cans are more present in the streets. The cold keeps the smell down, which I'm sure is a godsend to some people. I think the only time the trash gets smelly in Great Falls is during the Montana State Fair on the midway when the sun is beating down.





Although it's cold outside, nature has its ways of remaining beautiful as ever in the wintertime. the refection of light, the dormancy of Perennial plants, my favorite is the way snow insulates and deadens sound to where you go outside and not hear a sound if you stand still. It also has the advantages of having some alone time on a hike or a walk. The colder the weather, the less people are out and about.


We all love it when spring comes and the arm weather invites us outside once again,. but let us know what you fun awesome about winter.

Embrace & Enjoy Winter

Seasons come and go.
This one too shall pass, so use your time wisely, instead Take Advantage.

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