In Montana, when someone says "electric vehicle" you can feel half the room tense up like it was time for everyone to kick a puppy.  For some reason, a lot of Montanans have a burr up their britches whenever it comes to progress, even when it's inevitable.  That being said, there are as many who welcome it.  And it's starting to show across the state.

There are over 90 EV charging ports in Montana

As of the date this article was written, there are 91 EV charging stations in the state.  Naturally, a lot of them are on I-90.  However, you'll find them scattered all over the state.  Visitmt has a map showing EV charging stations across the state, and Chart Hub has a list town by town.

 Montana is set to get $43 million

According to Montana Free Press, "The Federal Highway Administration has designated interstates 90, 15 and 94, and U.S. highways 2 and 93, as Alternative Fuel Corridors, which FHA has prioritized for EV charging stations." The 43 million will be given to Montana over the next 5 years.

EV Charging stations are expensive

From KTVQ, it can cost $150,000 to put in an EV charging station, whereas a gas station fuel pump tops out around $21,000.  That's a big difference, but that's probably why the government is stepping in to help out.

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If we want to remain a tourist destination or grow tourism, this needs to be done

Also on KTVQ, they interviewed a tourist who planned his Montana trip around where he could charge his rig.  Think about it.  It takes around 90 minutes to get your rig charged.  In the right place, that could mean meals purchased, hotel rooms reserved, shopping done, use your imagination. 90 minutes is a good amount of time for someone to spend some money.

If we continue to fight progress, Montana will be left in the dust

There is such a thing as preserving our way of life AND embracing change.  I think every Montanan knows that.  It's just harder to argue if you admit it.

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