There are things we pay for on many levels. That includes things for convenience, tools, piece of mind, and just because we need to have them on a day-to-day basis.

People online talk about things that are a total racquet, I can't say that I disagree on some of these points and products because as you purchase some of these items you begin to worry that you're getting professionally scammed on a legal level.

I'm talking about product redemption codes, software, physical items, food products, jewelry, and just other things one sees on TV during late night and just need to have. People guarantee things, but do you necessarily buy it?

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Online codes, Online unofficial universities, and textbook codes.

I was in college once upon a time and some books were put behind a paywall in order for you to view it for a class and it costs the same as a physical book at 200 dollars. It usually is the same code from year to year, and people can find them online for free in some places.

People also pay for online content for video games and nowadays you have to purchase them in order to play.

Online universities such as hustlers university are ways to give you advice for an astronomical price point, people like Jordan Peterson, Andrew Tate and the like suck money out of bank accounts and give you very little info for it. Total scam.


Diamonds, Jewelry, toys, audio products.

A person literally said diamonds, yes diamonds. I can agree there are many downsides to owning diamond other than that they can be exchanged for money. Diamonds are at most times unethically sourced,  a theft magnet, and if you turn them in for cleaning to the wrong jeweler, they can swap them out for fake diamonds and one wouldn't know until another expert down the line informs you.

Magnetic and copper jewelry was popular in the 90's and 2000's as a way to keep your body healthy, and I've never understood how they worked. My grandparents swore by them and said they feel energized, but they still had to see specialists for circulatory problems.

Toys are another thing. in the 1970's people must have had an incredible imagination. That would explain Sea Monkeys and My Pet Rock. Just think, companies made millions.

Many audio products are a scam but one that stuck out for people were Beats by Dre. Nothing against Dr. Dre himself, but 10 years ago Beats were the bees knees. Like, you weren't cool unless you had Beats by Dre. I'll be honest, I was never impressed by the audio quality, and I'm not alone on that factor. I heard that weights were put in to give them that hefty, "expensive" well-made feel, and it seems to be true.


Food products, MLM, and wonder medicine

Food is a thing most people would usually buy as in believe in its majestic properties like electrolyte waters, Atkins foods, Multi-level marketing powders such as Herbalife and juice cleanses that really just dehydrate you, processed health foods can be avoided by just having an ok balanced diet.

My trainer Drew always warned me about wonder meds and supplements people see online. You pay loads of money for a pill that supposedly supplements you with minerals but instead gives you that and fillers for your hard earned money.


There's a mountain of products I didn't list above, Let me know what you think is a scam on our social media post.

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