What is considered Middle Class?  What about Middle Class in Montana?  What about Middle Class in Great Falls.

It's very confusing to figure this out, so we'll stick with the median income for this article.

Good news first.

It costs less to live in Montana (FOR NOW) so that means you can make less and be considered middle class.

Bad news second.

If you're a woman, you make a lot less than Americans who live in other states and men who do your job in Montana. Don't believe it?  The proof is in the numbers below.

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What is Middle Class

From U.S. News, "Pew Research defines middle-income Americans as those whose annual household income is two-thirds to double the national median."

What is the national median income

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, for 2022, that number is $54,132.

What is the Montana median income

Income by Zip Code reports Montana's Median income $60,560.  Per capita it's at $34, 423.

What is the Great Falls median income

Montana Demographics reports Great Falls' median income at $53,126.  Per capita, it's $29,909 according to the census bureau. If you're female, the per capita falls to $24,426.

Are you middle class?

Thanks to my math wizard friend, Nick Northern, here are the results

In the Nation: Middle class is $35,727-$108,264

In Montana: Middle class is $39,969-$121,120

In Great Falls:  Middle class is $35,063-106,252

I have a hard time with this classification because when I worked at another radio station, I was right at the annual salary average for Great Falls.  I could barely afford my rent, $575 (it was an awful place), food $125 a month, and gas in my car about $40 a month and my utilities around $250 a month.  There really wasn't much left for anything else, especially something big.  I had to SAVE UP for a $40 vacuum. It may be considered middle class, but if you can't afford food, utilities, and gas to get to and from work, AT THE BARE MINIMUM, is that REALLY middle class or upper class poor?

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