Recent studies and reports indicate in certain parts of the country that the virus spread to American wildlife and passed it back to humans.


This study indicated according to, humans passed Covid-19 to domestic cat, farmed minks, rodents, otters and apparently white-tailed deer. Previous reports all over the media indicated early on that covid was passed to cats, however in more evidence some eight thousand respiratory samples were taken from wild deer across 26 states between 2021 and 2022, research indicated that over two-hundred of those samples were infected with the novel virus. Tests from a couple of different eastern states indicated that the nucleotide sequences between human and wild deer were 99.9 percent similar.

Amino acids in the genetic structure of the virus transmitted to the wild animal match that of those of humans. Once those viruses were mutated, some believe a spill back even may have happened to the tune of more or less 3%. Which means it was incredibly rare.

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Is It possible that deer infected humans with covid-19 in Montana?

Not Likely.

In this study, nothing was found to indicate that such things happened in Montana, My guess is that this occurred due to high population densities, between wildlife and the human population in large urban areas.

It's been only in recent times in Montana that wildlife and human habitats spilled together and it hasn't become bad enough to where health and human services had to worry about anything indicating any problems associated with anything evolving this study of virus transmission.

Benton Lake National Wildlife Refuge, Montana

Benton Lake National Wildlife Refuge

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