Lies The Show Yellowstone Tells About Montana

I recently just finished rewatching the Yellowstone series, including the prequels.  I just love those shows, especially 1883 and 1923.  I'm a sucker for a good western.

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On my rewatch, I noticed things that are just impossible or just plain not true on Yellowstone.  Where to begin?

  • There is no reservation near Bozeman.  The nearest reservation is Crow Agency and that's on the other side of Billings.
Yellowstone Dutton Ranch Montana To Crow Agency
Google Maps//Canva
  • Montanan's DO NOT say Creek.  We say Creek.  There was a long scene where everyone just kept saying creek like some kind of foreigner.  I just kept thinking that Taylor Sheridan needs to get it together.
How Montana says creek
  • When is winter?  It sure seems like there is an awful lot of summer on Yellowstone.

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Winter on a Montana Ranch
  • There is no way any self-respecting Montana Governor is DRIVING from the Yellowstone Ranch to Helena multiple times a day.  That's ridiculous.  I've seen helicopters on the ranch.
Yellowstone Dutton Ranch to Helena Montana
Google Maps//Canva
  • The Yellowstone Dutton Ranch is NOT in Paradise Valley.  I can almost give them a pass on this one because it sounds so good.  Almost.
Yellowstone Dutton Ranch to Paradise Valley, Montana
Google Maps//Canva
  • The Zone Of Death actually starts on the Montana/Idaho border (The Train Station) and crosses back over into Wyoming.  It's hard to pinpoint on a map because I'm sure they don't want to give murderers the ultimate body dump location.  Just to Freemont County Idaho, it's over 4 hours from the ranch.  Another super long drive that seems to happen in the snap of a finger.
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Yellowstone Dutton Ranch Montana to Zone of Death
Google Maps//Canva

Those are the lies that really bother me, and I feel better shouting it out.

I do realize Yellowstone is a television show and a lot of room is given for creativity.

On the other hand, when you make a show that's so popular it changes the landscape and residents of an entire state, more care must be taken in presenting the true way of life.  Seriously, show winter.  Real winter.  People wouldn't be so excited to move here if they saw what actually goes on.  Real distance. Driving takes awhile in this state.  It's not like Utah where towns are literally divided by a street.  Our cities are generally a couple of hours apart, at best.

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