The are many moose in Yellowstone, but it's not "the moose".

Montana has many landmarks, and a lot of them are some that only Montanans are clued in upon. Some examples are the sleeping giant, the late eye of the needle, and what my family calls the two cats. We also have a lot of wildlife, lots of Moose in and around our state, including in Yellowstone National Park.

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There is a different type of moose people are trying to spot just over the edge of Montana on the Wyoming side of Yellowstone. When people see it, they laugh knowing that they were looking for an animal.

As you can see, from the post from Cowboy State Daily, it's a very large silhouette of what looks like horns of a moose poking out of a mountain side. If you take a closer look, It's merely a tree trying to get that precious sunlight blocked by the mountain.

According to the article from Cowboy State Daily, It's an area one has to find. In the article people describe it by certain place. Tim O’Leary spoke with Cowboy State Daily, he makes the guess that this sits where Soda Butte Creek and the Lamar Creek meet.

Those two creeks run together in a corner area, and there is a restroom about a quarter to a half-mile northeast of there.

They say, once you see it, you see it, and it might be something one doesn't unsee, Just look close or you might miss it.

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