It's official, Eddie's Corner has new owners.

In January, we reported that Eddie's Corner was for sale.

For 72 years, the Bauman family has given Central Montana a stop, in the middle of nowhere.  Now, that stop is somewhere.  Eddie's Corner has a Facebook page of their own, a fan Facebook page and its even is noted on maps of Montana. It's a place that has given us many great memories.  Some stopped to eat, to rest, to shower or just gas up and get snacks.

It didn't take long for the Montana landmark to find a new owner.

Lewistown News reported that Wednesday, March 22 was the final day for the Bauman family to run the iconic Montana Business.  The new owner is Lucky Singh, a Utah business owner.

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A surprise send-off

The Bauman's twin daughters came home from Bozeman to help the family take the final inventory and wrap up over 70 years of blood, sweat and smiles.  On St. Patrick's Day, between 30 to 40 people were there to give the Baumans the send off they deserve with a surprise retirement party.

What's next for the Baumans?

They plan to travel and visit family, and play pickleball "(be)cause that's what old people do".

Thank you

I know I'm not alone in wanting to thank the Bauman family for their decades of service to this great state we all call home.  It's places like Eddie's Corner that make a drive in Montana just a little bit more special.

Here's to a wonderful retirement and many years of happiness from all of us who love Eddie's Corner and appreciate your family.

Eddie's Corner

Eddie's Corner, Montana

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