Glacier National Park in Montana, is known all over the world for its breathtaking beauty and the wildlife that calls it home.  People from all over the world trek to our park to take in nature's spectacle.  Most people leave the park in awe of what they've just seen.  However, not all trips to the parks are created equal.  The following are bad reviews for Glacier from Trip Advisor.

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Bad Reviews For Glacier National Park

August 2022

"I am a Montana resident and have been visiting Glacier for many years. I decided to take an overnight trip to Kalispell and drive through the park and return home the next day. After spending $300 on a hotel room along with gas prices, I was then turned away at the parks entrance because I didn't have a "reservation"! This is absolutely ridiculous! This is the last time I visit this park. I know I'm just one person, but I witnessed multiple vehicles being turned around for the same reason. Who knows how many on a daily basis get denied access. Try posting information a little better huh?"

You mean like the articles I find and pass along like this one:

Or maybe this one:

I don't have a secret pass that gets me info from the Glacier National Park.  I just googled it.  Both times.

June 2022

"AVOID GLACIER NATIONAL PARK. The new entry reservation system for Going to The Sun Road and North Fork are impossible to accomplish computer games that can only be attempted at 8am the day previous to the requested entry date. After finding the correct site (Degree of Difficulty, Extreme) and waiting logged in until 8am MST, the System reboots and tells us that it is overloaded and cannot process our request, and to back out and try again. When the is done, the reservations are all gone for the requested day.
What is the point of going to Glacier when it is impossible to access Going To The Sun or North Fork. Is this the experience we travelled from our home in Maui to experience?
Please Fire whoever created this horrible System. Our Trip was Wasted.
Glacier used to be the Best. DO NOT GO TO GLACIER NATIONAL PARK."

If you're making a long trip to see the park, maybe, and I know this is a bizarre way to plan a trip, make sure you know what's going on where you're planning to go on your trip.

And then this one from 2019:


No wifi Glacier

"I could not get a (WIFI) signal. The food never even came, we waited for 30 minutes. I had to set up my tent in the rain. The river water wasn't reverse osmosis purified. All of the fish that I caught in the lake didn't even have seasoning on them. Smh would not recommend."

So, yeah.  It's a gigantic forrest.  The WIFI isn't meant to be good there.  As for the fish not being seasoned, where were you fishing?  Park rangers need to be aware that this is happening.  

There are numerous great reviews from the park, as well.  My best advice to you is plan for every leg of your trip.  You can secure your trip to Glacier National Park here.  Check this BEFORE you buy plane tickets from Hawaii.

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